About Andrea

The creative force behind Portland, Oregon-based August Veils is Andrea Hoyt. Andrea has been in the bridal accessories business since 1996 when she opened her first store, AniA Bridal. As the business grew, Andrea found that many of her brides complained about a lack of quality bridal headpieces.

"I got started making tiaras by helping a customer who was in tears trying to find one," says Andrea. "It took me all week to make one tiara because I had never done it before. After that I vowed never to do it again. Now it's the main part of my business!"

Soon, she found a niche making custom headpieces for her customers and this grew into a full-time occupation. In 1999, Andrea sold her share of AniA Bridal to devote her time exclusively to custom bridal veils and headpieces - thus August Veils was born.

"I have always loved to work with my hands — drawing, sewing, etc," says Andrea. "In college, I took graphic arts courses and freelance drawing art classes. I've always had an aptitude for design."

In 2001, Andrea teamed up with a group of other local bridal vendors to form The Bridal Loft.

"Being part of the Loft has been crucial to the success in my business locally," commented Andrea. "The Loft has provided me a great working atmosphere I share with six other talented women. The combined positive attitude makes the Loft a comfortable place to be for customers. We are not a typical bridal shop — nor will we ever be."

Andrea's designs have been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, Wedding Dresses Magazine, and on the cover of Portland Bride and Groom.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long has August Veils been in business?

We have been making veils and headpieces for over 10 years. Prior to focusing only on veils and hair jewelry, Andrea owned a bridal shop located in downtown Portland,Oregon. That is where she found her passion in helping brides design their accessories.

Can I come directly to the studio to buy the kits?

Yes you can! We are by appointment only. So please contact us and let’s set up a time. The kit will be prepared for you usually while you wait. Our flagship store is conveniently located in The Bridal Loft. Please refer to the directions link to help you find us!

I received a promotional card at a bridal show. Can I use it towards the purchase of my kit/video?

Unfortunately no. We price the kits and video as low as possible to help save you money. Therefore our margin does not accommodate the ability to apply the promotional discount. Special offers are limited to in studio orders and is honored when you place your order.

The color I would like to order is not offered. How can I order veils in different colors other than the standard three colors?

We currently offer just the standard 3 colors. Carrying more colors compromises the ability to keep our prices low. We may be able to have other colors available in the future.

I want a veil that has more than one layer. How do I go about ordering additional layers?

Once you have made your order on the length of the first layer of your veil, go to the add on section of the shopping area and locate the length you would like to have as your second layer. You can add on as many lengths as you would like. When you gather the veil together, make sure the shorter layer (if applicable) is on top of the longer layer(s).

I would like to add crystals or edging to my veil. Where can I order them?

At this time we are offering the veil kits only. We will be adding those items soon. If you are in a hurry, we suggest you go to your local craft store and purchase what you need.

Do you have video(s) on how to add edging or how to add embellishments?
Not at this time.

The videos are being produced. Once completed, we will add them to
our site. Please check back to the website.

Why do you not offer refunds on the kits?

Due to the custom aspect of the kits, we cannot offer refunds. So please be very sure what you are purchasing before going through with the sale. If however any of the items within your kit was damaged during shipping or at the studio, we will happily replace the damaged item. Please be aware that shipping takes time and the replacement item may take up to 7 working days to reach you. If this situation applies to you, please contact the office immediately to arrange for a replacement.

I want to make my own veil but am not sure when I should order the video/kit(s)?

We recommend ordering your items as soon as you decide you are planning to make your own veil. At the minimum 3 months before your wedding. This will allow you time to take your time with your project. If you are a very experienced seamstress and are comfortable with your machine and abilities, then please order at your whim. Giving yourself enough leeway allows you the most flexibility in having your veil ready for hair trials. Plus it will be one more thing you can cross off your list.

How do I know what color veiling to choose?

Choosing the right color can be a daunting task. Tulle/illusion comes in a myriad of colors. But the three main colors you will concentrate your efforts on will be white, silk white and ivory. The best way to determine the right color is to bring a sample fabric from your dress to the fabric shop. You can also bring your dress if it is handy but it tends to be a bit bulky. I find that brides get nervous transporting their dress from one place to another. So just use your best judgment. White is just that. White. The color goes best with man made fabrics that are white. Period.

Silk white matches, you guessed it, silk! However the exceptions are diamond white colored fabrics and some light ivory fabrics. Ivory illusion comes in light ivory as well. The color is very subjective. Manufacturers choose the color name based on their opinions. Fabrics made with this color name can range from a very slight yellow coloration to a very butter cream yellow. This is the usually the hardest color to match. Keep in mind as I stated above, that silk white might be your best bet if the ivory tulle is too yellow for your gown. There are also other colors that bridal gown manufacturers produce which are available today. Pink, blush, blue, champagne, gold and red just to name a few. If your gown is a mix of colors, for example, ivory with blue accent borders, match the veil to the base color of the gown. So the choice would be ivory. You can bring in the accent color on the edging or in the hair jewelry.

How do I know what length to choose?

Again we are in the area of personal preference. Please take the advice below with a grain of salt. They are simply suggestions. If you are really confused please contact us via email with phone number and let us know how we can help.

Shorty veils are recommended for brides who would like a fun and sassy look. It is also the perfect length for girls wanting the retro look.

Elbow/waist length is the most popular. It gives you the most flexibility when trying to sit. You will get the look of a veil but short enough to maneuver around while visiting your guests.

Fingertip length is nice to provide you with the look of a long veil but no worries about it getting caught on wandering feet. This length is one I do not recommend for brides that are shorter than 5’4” and for you lovelies that want to keep the focus away from their hip area. Optically, it makes you look top heavy. Long torso and itty bitty legs. If you want a fingertip length however, shorten the veil about 6”. I call it the modified fingertip.

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